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Enterprise Europe Network

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) offers support and advice to businesses and technological cooperation across Europe and in many other network countries. Our services are specifically designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) but are also available to all businesses, research centers and Universities.

The Enterprise Europe Network is made up of close to 600 partner organizations in more than 50 countries, promoting competitiveness and innovation at the local level in Europe and beyond.

Whether you need information on EU legislation, help finding a business partner, want to benefit from innovation networks in your region or need information on funding opportunities, this is the place to start.

East Marmara Region

The consortium is composed of 6 partners and serves EEN services in 7 of the 81 provinces of Turkey









Bursa and Kocaeli are the 2nd and the 3rd cities respectively in the foreign trade volume of industry hubs of Turkey.  As a whole, the 7 provinces perform 18.4% of total exports and 10.1% of total imports of country. The industry predominately concentrated in these two cities and also Sakarya and Eskisehir are prominent industry centres in the region.

East Marmara Network Consortium

The East Marmara Network Consortium intends to implement a single integrated and professional regional network of business and innovation support services within the frame of the “no wrong door” concept. The main objectives are providing SMEs an easy access to qualified service for technological & innovation transfer, financial and business opportunities, EU-related information and knowledge that is relevant to SME competitiveness,


This Consortium partners

This Consortium involves the following partners:

KOSGEB Bursa: KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Organization) is a non-profit, public organisation responsible for the growth and development of SMEs in Turkey. Its mission is to increase SMEs’ share in economic and social development by offering quality service and support towards developing SMEs’ competitiveness and spreading culture of entrepreneurship. To support SMEs, KOSGEB distributes public funds as credits or grants with different programs and provides testing service in its laboratories.

KOSGEB Bursa is local directorate of KOSGEB responsible for implementing its services, has been a partner of the EEN Project since its beginning in 2008. Organizing local events, conducting business reviews, advising on access to finance, internationalization and EU projects providing online partnering services, participating and organising brokerage events are the main functions of KOSGEB Bursa in the Network.


Address: Ucevler Mh. 2. Sk. No: 12 KOSGEB Binasi Nilufer Bursa TURKEY

Tel: +90 224 8081600

Fax: +90 224 4432746

Contact Person:

Mr. Sabri Göksu Baran [email protected]

Ms. Elif Durutan Pazar [email protected]


East Marmara EU Business Centre (ABIGEM East Marmara) that supports SMEs to develop their managerial and technical infrastructure was established in 2002 and offers prompt and effective solutions to business problems with its specialized service lines. The ownership structure of ABIGEM East Marmara includes regional and national influential business players that have almost 60.000 obligatory members including Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, Sakarya Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce, Yalova Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Düzce Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Bolu Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

ABIGEM East Marmara became partner of Europe Enterprise Network (EEN) in 2008 and widened its consultancy and training services concerning the objectives of EEN and has been delivering training programs about EU Legislation and EU Funds since then via EEN Team. ABİGEM East Marmara  was involved in several  EU projects such as Stop4 Business and Prism and supported the international business development need of SMEs.

Providing international business development services and trainings to support integration of SMEs to EU, organizing local events, conducting business reviews, advising on access to finance, internationalization and EU projects providing online partnering services, participating and organising brokerage events are the main functions of the ABIGEM in the Network.


Address: Kocaeli Sanayi Odası Binası, Fuar İçi 41040 İzmit / Kocaeli TURKEY
Tel:+90 262 323 08 56
Fax: +90 262 325 55 68

Web: http://www.abigemdm.com.tr/

Contact person:
Mr. Burak ÇAKIR – [email protected]
Ms. Yelda KANPARA – [email protected]
Ms. Özlem Çiçek- [email protected]


BCCI was founded by the initiative of businessmen in Bursa, in 1889 as a non-profit public organization. In order to create common interest for the city, it not only embraces the productive Bursa, but also protects it with its shade. The Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry established with the aim of raising awareness among the traders and industrialists in Bursa to provide their contribution to national economy, encouraging its members in carrying out their activities in optimum conditions and resulting the problems that the members encounter, takes place among the prior and professional institutions of the country.

The BCCI was a partner of the EIC Project from the beginning of 2004 and continuously became an EEN partner in 2008. Organizing local events, conducting business reviews, advising on access to finance, internationalization,  EU projects and other EU related issues,  providing online partnering services, participating and organising BEs and CMs, preparing promotion and information materials, translating company profiles  are the main functions of the BCCI in EEN.


Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Mavi Cadde 2. Sokak No: 2 16140 Nilüfer/Bursa TURKEY

Tel:+90 (224) 275 16 00

Fax:+90 (224) 275 16 09

Web: http://www.bcci.org/

Contact person:

Ms. Sezen Çelik [email protected]

Ms. Ceren Kılıçarslan[email protected]

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ECI)

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ECI)

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ECI) was founded in 1968 as a non-governmental public organization. ECI has been established with the objectives of accelerating industrialization and dealing with the problems of the industry in the region. ECI represents the interests of its approximately 800 manufacturer member companies with respect to politics and administration. It also informs and advises on all relevant economic matters, offers trainings and is a platform for the exchange of experiences.

ECI has been a partner of the Enterprise Europe Network since 2015 and is responsible with business cooperation services for SMEs in Eskişehir.


Address: ESO OSB 2. Caddesi No:1, 26110 Odunpazarı/Eskişehir TURKEY

Tel:+90  222 2360360

Fax:+90 222 2360041

Web: http://www.eso.org.tr/en/

Contact person:

Mr. Mr. Cemil Dalkılıç [email protected]


ULUTEK Technology Development Zone

ULUTEK is Teknopark within Uludag University in Bursa, operates in 16.350   m2 closed area. Uludag University Technology Transfer Office (UU-TTO) was established as a unit under ULUTEK in order to improve co-operation between industry and academia, industrialization of knowledge and technology of academia and helping for producing knowledge and technology at universities that industry needs.

ULUTEK houses more than 100 SMEs operating in the sectors dealing with software development, automotive, machinery, metal, defence industry, electronics, robotic systems, energy and environment. The companies operating at ULUTEK employ over 600 R&D Related professionals.

ULUTEK has been partner of the EEN Project since its beginning in 2008, primarily responsible with technology transfer and research partnership issues, also organizing local events in the frame of technology and innovation related subjects.


Address: Uludağ Üniversitesi Görükle Kampüsü Nilüfer / Bursa TURKEY

Tel:+90  224 280 84 00

Fax:+90 224 280 84 05

Web: http://www.ulutek.com.tr/

Contact person:

Ms. Emel MORİNA GÜZEL [email protected]

Mustafa Kahraman [email protected]

Kocaeli University Technopark (KOU TECHNOPARK)

KOU TECHNOPARK was established in Technology Development Zone (TDZ) in Kocaeli and hosts about 100 R&D companies. The primary objective of KOU TECHNOPARK is to produce technological scientific knowledge to encourage collaboration among the TDZs, universities, research institutions and production or manufacturing industries and enhance international competitiveness and export abilities of the industry of the country.

KOU- TECHNOPARK was a partner of the EEN Network since 2015 and is responsible with to provide innovation management support to SMEs in Kocaeli Region and make them participate in Horizon 2020, COSME and other EU Programmes.

KOU- TECHNOPARK is also cooperation with the Technology Transfer Office which is in the Kocaeli Universty. Kocaeli University Technology Transfer Office ( TTO KOU ) , the initiation of cooperation between universities and industry and academia technology transfer with a duty INTERFACE seeing industrialists aimed at strengthening this cooperation will meet in the ecosystem. Creating a resource for research, technology transfer and research results to carry out a joint project aimed at transforming the added value of the work supports.

COD TTO  follows  technological R & D projects and knowledge transfer process, project came about . TTO ensure ındividual consulting projects in our universities and R & D services industry helps to increase their laboratory infrastructure .


Address: Kocaeli Üniversitesi Teknoloji Geliştirme Bölgesi Vatan Caddesi, NO:83 41275 Yeniköy/Başiskele/Kocaeli TURKEY

Tel:+90  262 341 22 66

Fax:+90 262 341 39 12

Web: http://www.kouteknopark.com/

Contact person:

Ms. Mehlika KOCABAS AKAY [email protected]

Ms. Esra OFLAZ [email protected]

Mr. Alican Oflaz [email protected]

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